1991 Movie Rewind

Episode 147 - True Identity

Episode Summary

This week, we discuss this comedy about Miles Pope, who is a struggling black actor looking for his big break. After a gig, he takes a flight back home where he meets Leland Carver, a producer in New York City. Turbulence hits the plane and everyone thinks they’re going to die, and so Carver admits to Miles that he is actually a mob boss that the FBI thinks is dead. When everyone survives the flight, Miles is stuck with a target on his back and tries to hide from the mob as a white man; then we discuss pop culture surrounding the release of this movie.

Episode Notes

0:00 - Intro & Summary

2:00 - Movie Discussion

34:18- Cast & Crew/Awards

42:39 - Pop Culture

50:48 -  Rankings & Ratings


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