1991 Movie Rewind

Episode 153 - Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

Episode Summary

This week, we discuss Japanese Kaiju film about people from the year 2204 who go back in time to 1992 and warn of a future where Godzilla destroys Japan once and for all. In order to prevent this tragedy, they devise a plan to go further back in time and transport Godzilla before he gains radioactive powers. The plan goes awry and King Ghidorah takes his place. Now they need to find a way to bring Godzilla back to stop this new threat; Then we discuss pop culture surrounding the release of this movie.

Episode Notes

0:00 - Intro & Summary

2:00 - Movie Discussion

48:12 - Cast & Crew/Awards

50:13 - Pop Culture

1:04:10 -  Rankings & Ratings


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